#12/ 1: Professor Lea Waters on the power of positive psychology and how we can implement aspects into our personal and business life


#12/ 1: Professor Lea Waters on the power of positive psychology and how we can implement aspects into our personal and business life

Professor Lea Waters- a brave, vulnerable and strong women who shows that our personal story has so much power if we dare to share it with the world.  

Lea Waters is a psychology researcher, speaker and bestseller author. She’s one of the world’s leading experts on Positive Education and Positive Organizations. Lea is the president of the International Positive Psychology Association. Her work has been featured in The Wall Street JournalThe GuardianThe Washington Post, and so on. 

I have been a fan of Lea since I saw her on the TEDx stage in Melbourne, Australia in 2015. 

As a researcher, Lea talks “facts” and backs up her statements with research. We talk about very personal aspects of Lea’s life, her breakdown, how she got back on her feed and how she now inspires thousands of people with her talks, programs and books. She also gives us very specific tips on how to live a life with a focus on the good things. And guess what… those good things will expand if we do so. 

There is so much wisdom in this 50 mins conversation. (Split into two parts) Don´t miss out on that!

In the interview we talk about:

  • How we can raise our consciousness as a whole nation (and why this is SO needed!) 
  • Why companies have a moral obligation to create a ‘culture of well-being’
  • How we become our „best self“ and why this will lift the quality of our relationships. 
  • How and why a change in our focus will improve the quality of your life. 
  • The concrete benefit of gratitude at work and why many organizations still underestimate it.
  • What ‘impression management’ is and how we can stop wasting our mental real estate on that 
  • The relation between strengths-based parenting and creating a healthier and happier workplace 
  • Lea´s book ‘The strengths switch’ and why this is absolutely not only a parenting book 😉 

And so much more….

This interview is full of vulnerability, research findings and great, specific business advice. 

Enjoy listening and please let me know what you think of the interview and what you took away from the episode on my Instagram account nathalie_businessatheart
Join the conversation on bringing more authenticity and heart into the business world. 

All information to Professor Lea Waters, her book, consulting and talk can be found on her website. Leawaters.com

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